Using the rotary encoder (the black spinney knob), you can switch between the different play mode animations, adjust the speed of those animations, as well as change the color and brightness of the pixels.

On / off

Use the switch on the bridge to power on or off the goggles.

Play modes

There are 4 "play modes" for the goggles. These are the different animations that the goggles run.

Briefly press down the rotary encoder to toggle between each mode.

Play mode 1: pixels spin

Adjust the speed of the spinning by twisting the rotary encoder. Can speed up or slow down the rate at which the lights move around the goggles.

Play mode 2: "Watchmen" mode

Adjust location of bright pixels with encoder.

Play mode 3: pixels spin and collide

Adjust speed with rotary encoder.

Play mode 4: random pixel glow

Adjust speed with rotary encoder.

Transition between play and configuration modes

To change the color and brightness of the NeoPixels, you will have to change the configuration settings. These settings can be accessed by pressing and holding down the encoder until the configuration state is reached.

Config modes

There are 3 config modes. Switch between them the same way as the play modes are switched, by briefly pressing down the encoder.

Config mode 1: color

To change the color of the NeoPixels, adjust the rotary encoder. Whatever color you end up on will be the color saved for all modes moving forward.

Config mode 2: brightness

Use the encoder to adjust the NeoPixel brightness.

Config mode 3: NeoPixel alignment

This config mode is for verifying the alignment and placement of the NeoPixel rings. The leds should be at the top of the ring and symmetrical to each other. If they aren't, either reposition the rings or change the values of ring_1_offset and/or ring_2_offset in the code.


Putting this all together, here's an example of how to change the NeoPixel color from red (default) to green as well as increase the brightness. Then, how to go back to the play modes and watch the new color in action.

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