Fill your sink with lukewarm water and a little bit of detergent (woolite or hand-wash specific detergent is nice, but not absolutely necessary), make sure your batteries are removed, and suds up your project. Keep sensitive components like microphones out of the water, but circuit boards like FLORA, NeoPixels, conductive thread, etc. can be safely dunked.

Rinse thoroughly and hang up or lay flat to dry. If your garment holds a lot of water like the Chameleon Scarf, for example, roll it up in a towel and squeeze out any excess water before reshaping and laying flat to dry.

The faster your garment dries, the lower your risk of any oxidation on circuit contact pads. Since our wearable PCBs have gold-plated pads and our conductive thread is stainless steel, oxidation risk is minimized.

Beware: silver conductive thread oxides over time and washing speeds up this process!

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