Case Parts

Print the case parts in 80s-tastic colors (or any colors you like). The files and notes for printing can be found on the CAD Files page.

Then, screw in the nylon standoffs for the Doubler mounting.

Display Mount

Mount the display as shown, using M2.5 hardware.

Feather Doubler Mount

Connect the Doubler to the standoffs as shown.

Switch Mount

Mount the switch into the switch housing thingamajob.

Button Mount

Insert the keyswitches into the mounting plate.

Then, insert the assembly into the case top.

Carefully press the switches into the NeoKey PCB.

Once assembled, add your keycaps.

Rotary Mount

Fit the rotary encoder breakout into the case side, then place the washer over the shaft. Screw on the nut to secure it in place.

Add a knob to the shaft as shown.

SD Card Extender

Insert the prepared SD card mix tape into the SD card extender, then insert it all into the display as shown.

On/Off Mount

Use M2.5 hardware to fasten the switch mount to the case as shown.

STEMMA QT Connections

Use 100mm STEMMA QT cables to connect the Feather RP2040 to the rotary encoder and NeoKey breakout.

Insert the panel mount headphone jack and screw on the retaining nut.

Final Assembly

Press fit the front and back together and use the side piece to hold them together.

Then, press the top piece into place.

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