Grab some solid-core 22AWG wire... in contrast or compliment to your bug body. 

Cut two 35mm lengths.

Remove ~5mm of insulation on the top with wire strippers or gently roll the wire with a razor-knife.

Remove ~15mm of insulation on the bottom with wire strippers or the same roll-and-cut technique shown above.

Which will leave ~15mm of insulation in the middle-ish of the wire.

Slap some flux on the pager motor contacts and the wire.

Match the angle of the motor contacts by bending the ends of the wire a bit. Be gentle, too much stress on the motor can break the contacts. 

Let's make the wire to motor connector bits a little more durable by adding a 6mm length of 1/4 inch shrink-tube.

Apply heat evenly... and voila!

Carefully bend both wires 90 degrees to the motor with a pair of needlenose pliers.

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