Slide the long silicone wires through the channel in the 3D printed frame, as shown.

Then pass the wires through the base piece, smooth side first!

Solder two wires to a slide switch (center leg and one side leg). Insert the wires through the opening in the base where the switch goes, and press-fit the slide switch into the wall of the base. Strip the wire ends and solder them to GND and EN pins on the PowerBoost 500c.

Strip and solder the wires coming from the UV board to the power and ground outputs on the PowerBoost. Plug a 2500mAh battery into the PowerBoost's JST port, and flip the slide switch.


Do all the LEDs light up? Great! No? That's ok! It's a lot of solder connections, so you're bound to forget a few. locate the unlit LEDs and take a closer look while the power's off, finishing any solder connections you missed before.

Once all your LEDs work, secure the back plate over the permaproto with two machine screws. This plate will form the bottom surface of the lamp's storage compartment.

Optionally use reflective sticky paper (shelf liner paper works great) on the inside of the lamp to help more evenly distribute the light.

Secure the base to the frame with four machine screws.

Affix the PowerBoost to the bottom lid with two more screws, using the built-in mounting holes.

Use a piece of foam tape to secure the battery to the inside of the base compartment, otherwise it will rattle around! Once it's stuck, go ahead and screw the bottom lid in place. Be careful your screws aren't too long or pointy or they could poke the battery!

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