Download and 3D Print

The 3D printed parts can be downloaded with the link below. 

Materials & Slice Settings

This project utilizes the flexibility of TPU materials and 3D printers with dual extrusion capabilities. If your 3D printer isn't capabile of dual extrusion, you could print the pieces separately and glue them together. Reference the slice settings in the table below – We're using Simplify3D to slice the parts.






PLA 225c extruder
0.6mm Nozzle

NinjaFlex 235c extruder
0.4mm Nozzle

40mm/s print speed
120mm/s travel speed

.4mm Extrusion width

The top part of the box takes around 4 hours to print.

Use larger nozzle for the mid section of the box. This should take about 6 hours to print using a .6mm nozzle.

The stopper parts for the brushes need a .4mm nozzle to print the smaller details on the flaps.

Make supports easier to remove

Some of the parts in this project will require support material. To prevent supports from bonding to the parts we used the following settings on supports.

  • Support infill percentage is set to 20% with the pillar resolution at 4mm.
  • Make sure to use at least a .3mm horizontal offset from the part for support separation.
  • Set upper and lower vertical separation layers to 1 and drop dense infill percentage to 50%.

Support removal

A pair of flat pliers can help remove support material. Use the tips to grip onto the material and loosen the bond for easy removal.    

The rubber stopper can be dual extruded or printed in two pieces and then glued together. Use a .4mm nozzle to print the small ninjaflex details. 

Speed up print times by using a large .6mm or .8mm nozzle to print the mid section of the box.

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