Uni-T has released software for the UTi165K thermal scanner with video out. It's very simple but works for most use cases.

This software is Windows only!

Download it by clicking this button:

Un-zip and run the installer to get the desktop icon for the app

Change Language Option

By default the language the fever scanner comes in Chinese. If you read Chinese, great! If not...here's how to change it to English

Unplug the scanner from USB before starting the app. Then open the app and look for the menu in the top left, select the GEAR ICON (third icon)

This dialog will open up

From the drop down, select English

Press the LEFT button

You'll get this notice (it says changes will take affect on next launch).

Quit the app and restart it. This time you can plug in the camera before you start.

Running the App

Window/the app sometimes get a little confused if you've turned on/off the camera or disconnected it. If you can't get the app to connect: quit the app, disconnect the USB C cable, power down the camera, wait 5 seconds, turn it back on, re-plug in the USB cable and start the app. Once its running, you won't have any issue - it just seems to sometimes occur on initial connection.

Also make sure the camera shows up in the Device Manager as a generic UVC Camera

Once connected, you'll get a video with a mirror of the display.

If you press the Capture button in the top left you'll get a PNG download

There's a few alarm options.

Allow sound means that the computer will beep (not the device, the computer speakers) when temperature goes above the upper set limit.

Log generation will take photos every time a high temperature event occurs

Click on the History tab to see all the images captured when temperature went above the upper limit

This guide was first published on Apr 29, 2020. It was last updated on Apr 21, 2024.

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