The BMP085 and BMP180 are no longer made, please check out the BMP280 - we have Python code examples here

Can I use multiple BMP sensors on the same board?

Because each I2C device on the bus needs to have it's own unique address, you normally can only have one device at address 0x77 (etc.). If you require several I2C devices at the same address, and if the devices have a reset pin (like the BMP085 does), then you CAN use multiple devices at the same address ... but at the expense of one GPIO pin per device. What you can do is hold the other devices in reset by pulling the XCLR (Reset) pin low, and letting XCLR go high on the one device that you do want to read, releasing it from reset and causing it to respond to any request on the I2C bus.

Note that on the Beaglebone Black there are 2 I2C buses, so you can in theory run one sensor on each bus.

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