All source code and compiled binary files are available from my own github:

There is an option to download everything as a ZIP file.

The directory structure is organized such that you can overwrite the porting kit directory if you've already placed Netduino Plus 2 into it (see the step called Building Firmware if this confuses you)

If you are only interested in pre-compiled binary and DLL files, you are looking for these specific files:
Everything I have done only works on Netduino Plus 2, using its V4.2.2.0 firmware. It does not work with any other models of Netduino. When firmware V4.3 becomes available, I will do a quick check to see if everything still works.
All code usage documentation are provided within the corresponding documentation XML files accompanying the DLL files. If these files are kept together, you can use the "Object Browser" or "Intellisense" (aka autocomplete) to view the documentation.

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