Saving, Loading and Downloading Programs

  • To save a program, click "Save" in the top toolbar. This will automatically place a file entitled "main.xml" into your downloads folder. Rename and save this file somewhere you will remember. 
  • To load old programs, click open in the toolbar and navigate to the .xml file you saved previously.
  • When ready to download programs in CircuitPython format, click Download in the toolbar. This may prompt you to tell your browser if the file is safe to download. Go ahead and click keep and a file called will be downloaded and placed into your downloads folder. Put this file somewhere you will remember. This is the file that will later be put onto the CPX and run the code we wrote.

Switching from CircuitPython Syntax Code to Blocks

  • To switch to CircuitPython syntax-based code, click the Blocks button on the top right of the toolbar.*
  • This will convert the block code into CircuitPython code.
  • Click Python on the right side of the toolbar to go back to code blocks.


*This example uses the code from the Analog Demo from Samples in the toolbar.

Copy and Paste

  • Need multiple blocks that are the same? Speed up your workflow by selecting blocks then copy and pasting them!

Using CPX Library with Other Libraries

EduBlocks is still in Beta mode, so it unfortunately doesn't have NeoPixel capabilities yet in the CPX Easy library. Thus to program NeoPixels, we must use the NeoPixel library. 

Knowing this, when we import both the CPX Easy and NeoPixel libraries, we get a "Value: pin in use" error because both libraries are trying to access the NeoPixels.*

To avoid errors like these when using the CPX Easy library, refrain from also using the NeoPixel library.

*This error would show up in the REPL if using a code editor such as Mu. See Troubleshooting section.

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