This is a guide we use to maintain our board support package, you're free to fork and adapt the tool but it is completely unsupported and we do not provide any support, advice, or help on use!

The code for the board package tool lives in the Adafruit arduino-board-index repository and consists of &  The scripts are written in Python and require Python 3.4 or later.

The pip package manager is included with Python 3.4 or later. You need to install these packages using pip

You can install these libraries by running the following command:

pip3 install --user click gitpython

Finally you will need to make sure you install the git command line tools (not a graphical interface tool like gitorious, TortoiseGit, etc.--you need the git command line tools for use with the gitpython library).  When installing the command line tools make sure to check any installer option to add the git tools to your system path.

After installing all the dependencies you should test that you can run the script.  First clone the repository with by running a command like:

git clone

Navigate inside the cloned repository directory and run the following command to run the script with the --help option (on Windows, you need to say python instead of python3):

python3 --help

You should see a description like the following:

If you see an error go back and make sure all of the dependencies above were installed and try again.

Once the dependencies are installed and you've verified the script runs you're ready to go through the workflow of updating an Arduino package.  Continue on to the next page to learn how to update Adafruit's Arduino board packages.

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