This is a small guide to document a set of scripts that automate publishing Arduino packages to Adafruit's Arduino board package index.  If you just want to use Adafruit's 3rd party boards in Arduino then you don't need to follow this guide--this is written more for people that maintain and update the Adafruit Arduino packages.

The board package tool scripts used in this guide are quite flexible and support a workflow for automating Adafruit's board packages.  This guide explains their use and shows how they work for Adafruit.  If you maintain your own 3rd party Arduino board packages the scripts might be useful to you too, but realize each 3rd party board maintainer has their own conventions and Adafruit's scripts might not work out of the box with your 3rd party boards.  Check the --help output of the tool's commands to see descriptions of all the options and usage.

This is a guide we use to maintain our board support package, you're free to fork and adapt the tool but it is completely unsupported and we do not provide any support, advice, or help on use!

This guide was first published on May 06, 2016. It was last updated on May 06, 2016.

This page (Overview) was last updated on May 06, 2016.

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