Bring back a legendary vintage television from the space age!

This guide walks through how convert a classic RF CRT TV into a monitor for Raspberry Pi or any desktop computer.

With a couple cables and a signal boosting box, you can output the signal from just about any computer to the JVC Videosphere.

We'll cover which parts are needed as well as how to wire and set up the cables and parts to output most computer displays to the Videosphere.

This setup could work for other RF TV CRT models with similar input, but we've only tested the Videosphere.


To find a Videosphere, check out Ebay or other online marketplaces. There are lots of great 70's vintage choices from Ebay user robertom60

Here's a manual for the Videosphere for further specs and info.

Converters and cables

1 x RF Modulator
Converts the video signal from the Pi / computer to RF signal
1 x RCA Matching Transformer
Connect the coaxial cable to the Videosphere
1 x RG 6 Coaxial Cable
Connect the RF modulator to the transformer

For Raspberry Pi output

You can use any Pi, here are couple options with their respective power supplies

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For laptop or desktop computer output

You will need some way of converting your computer's display output to HDMI. Note that if you use a Pi 4, you'll need the Micro HDMI to HDMI cable, the Pi 3 and older all use a standard size connector. If you use a Mac, please read up on how to cable to an HDMI connector as it can vary.

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You'll also need

1 x RCA to RCA cable
Connect HDMI adapter to RF modulator

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