Before We Begin

If you already have 2.85mm filament loaded, starts off by unloading it from the nozzle. To do this, go to the LCD menu and choose “Material” > “Change”.

Wait a minute while the nozzle is heated up. Once its ready, it’ll automatically start turning the feeder wheel and retract the filament. When the filament has fully been retracted, go ahead and remove the spool from the spool holder.

Adjust Feeder Tension

In order properly guide 1.75mm filament into the feeder, you'll need to adjust the tension screw so that it’s not too loose or too tight. To achieve this, insert a hex key into the hole on top of the feeder and turn it clockwise.

We found the sweet spot to be where the top of the hex screw is visible, as shown in the photo above.

Avoid over tightening the screw - If large teeth marks are prevalent and dust/particals are noticable on the filament, the screw might be too tight.

Change Filament Diameter in Software

Let’s set the filament diameter in the LCD menu. To do this, go under “Material” > “Settings” > “Customize” and select “Diameter”.

Use the wheel dial to adjust the value down to 1.75mm, then push the dial to save the setting.

Adjust Settings in CURA and Simplify3D

Depending on which slicing software you’re using, you may have to adjust your printing profile.

If you’re using CURA (15.6.3 or higher) we found you do not have to change any of the settings.

If you’re using Simplify 3D, change the filament diameter, under the “Other” tab, located in “Filament Properties”. Set “Filament diameter” to 1.7500.



The defualt retraction length of 4.5mm is too far and will quickly clog the nozzle.
Set the retration length to 3mm to compensate for the difference in e steps. 

You will need to adjust this inside your slicer as well as on the Ultimaker's on board settings by going to Maintaince > Advanced > Retraction Settings > Retraction Length

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