Screenshots below are from iPhone, but the editing process is the same for iPad

Copy code from CIRCUITPY drive

Plug your CircuitPython board, via USB, to your iDevice using the appropriate cable.

On your iDevice, open the Files app, and tap on the drive labelled CIRCUITPY. Locate the file within. Tap and hold on and choose Copy from the menu.

Paste code to internal storage

Next in the Files app, navigate back and tap On My iPhone/On My iPad.

Tap and hold on an empty area, and choose Paste from the menu.

Edit code

Open the App Store and search for the free app named Koder Code Editor and download/install it.

Open Koder and tap the new file icon in the lower left hand corner, tap Open Other App’s Files, then open the internal copy of stored in On My iPhone/On My iPad.

Make changes to your code, then close the file – it will be saved automatically.

Overwrite original on CIRCUITPY

Return to the Files app and navigate to On My iPhone/On My iPad. Tap and hold on the edited code,py file, and choose Copy from the menu.

Navigate to the CIRCUITPY drive, tap and hold in a blank area, choose Paste from the menu, and then choose Replace from the popup that appears.


After a few seconds, your CircuitPython device should restart and begin running your new code. That’s all there is to it - enjoy the world of mobile embedded development!

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