Using the 3D Low Poly Generator, models can be decimated (triangle count reduced) to quickly and easily create a low poly model. This generator runs completely in-browser, with no additional software download required.

Import 3D Model


Click Choose File to select your 3D model. The 3D Low Poly Generator supports .stl files.

You can import your 3D scan here, or any other .stl model downloaded from sites like or

Adjust Decimation Amount


Triangle Reduction % controls the percent reduction (50 will remove half the vertices, 10 will remove 10%).

Moving the slider will adjust the percent reduction.

Updating Model


You can select Update multiple times to continue removing triangles until you are satisfied.

Export 3D Model


Export STL will export an .stl that can be imported into a mesh editing program for further processing or sent directly to a 3D printer. 

Open the model in Meshmixer and rotate / scale as needed. 

Putting the original and low poly models side by side clearly shows the difference, and you can adjust the amount of reduction to suit your project. 

Original Model


Triangle Count: 86,018

File Size: 4.3 MB

Low Poly Model


Triangle Count: 1,042

File Size: 52 KB

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