Once the model has been exported from the 3D Low Poly Generator, it can be brought into a slicer program to prepare for 3D printing. 

Slicing Settings


Sliced with PrusaSlicer, this model was prepared for PLA material on the Prusa MK3S+ using the default .2mm Quality print profile.

Printing Model


Printed using Printed Solid Slime Green Glitter PLA, this model printed using no support material.

Printed Model

The low poly model has clearly visible triangles, but is still clearly recognizable as the original model. 

You can experiment with reducing the triangle count even further to see how far you can go while keeping the model recognizable!

Try it Yourself!


This process is a great way to create unique objects and interesting remixes.

Try it yourself to create low poly sculptures, models, and other fun projects!

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