Is this sold as an assembled programmer?
Not yet, it is only available as a kit.
How hard is it to assemble?
There are very clear instructions availble in the "Make it!" link. It's a simple kit and should be fairly easy for anyone with proper tools even if it's their first soldering project.
Does this work with linux?
Yes. We have tested it with linux (Ubuntu 7.04) and it didn't require anything strange so it should work with any distribution. If you're having problems make sure you are running as root to have permissions on the device.
Why is there no Serial/COM/port (or /dev/ttyXX device) ?

USBtiny is not a USB-Serial device, it is its own USB protocol which is understood by Avrdude. You will not see a COM port or Serial port created when you plug it in.

Can I send serial messages using the USBtiny as well as programming, like an Arduino?
No, the USBtiny does not create a serial port and cannot do that. It programs chips directly, using the ISP connection, not Serial. Arduinos are not AVR programmers, they are an AVR with a bootloader that runs over a serial port.
What chips can be programmed?

Any AVR that uses the ISP interface for programming and has 64K or less of flash can be programmed.

Chips such as the Atmega1280/1281 and Atmega2560/2561 have more than 64K and cannot be programmed.

Chips that use TPI interface, such as Attiny4/5/9/10 cannot be programmed.

Some very old chips such as the AT90S1200 and similar cannot be programmed

Can I program a bootloader (like an Arduino one) with USBtinyISP?
Yes, this is what an AVR programmer can do. We suggest using the 'built in' bootloader-burner in the IDE to do it.
How do I program a bootloader onto an Arduino?
  1. Put a fresh AVR chip (such as an Atmega328) into the Arduino in the correct orientation
  2. Remove the jumper from the USBtinyISP
  3. Plug in the USBtiny to USB
  4. Plug the Arduino into DC or USB so it is powered
  5. Plug the 6 pin cable from the USBtinyISP into the Arduino so that pin 1 mark is lined up with the red wire on the cable
  6. Start up Arduino IDE
  7. Select the chip/Arduino you are using in the Tools->Board menu
  8. Do not select a COM/Serial port
  9. Select Tools->Burn Bootloader->w/USBtinyISP
  10. The USBtinyISP red LED should light up. It will take a minute or two to program the chip
  11. When it is done, the IDE will tell you it has completed and the red LED will be off.
I need help getting this working
Check the HELP! page.
Does this work with the 8051-core (AT89) series chips?

The USBtinyISP design as-is only works with the AVR core chips (ATtiny/ATmega/etc). However Lucas Chiesa and his peers have done an excellent job porting this version to support 8051-core chips.

What is "Self Program"?

The original USBtinyISP could be programmed by another programmer by jumpering a pin. This is not true anymore now that there is a buffer. You should ignore the jumper.

Also, you cannot program the usbtiny with itself.

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