Windows Drivers

For windows, we use a modified LibUSB driver. You can download it here:

For historic reasons, we have a:

  • Windows USBtinyISP driver built with libusb v1.10. Use this for older WinAVR's. Don't use this unless you have to interface with old versions of software that are bound to libusb v1.1


AVRDUDE is the recommended software to use if you want to program/flash an AVR microcontroller.

Hardware/Firmware Files for v2.0

The latest!

Please note this firmware contains the Adafruit VID/PID, while the firmware is open source the VID/PID is not. To use in your own products, replace those values in usbtiny.h You can purchase a USB VID for yourself at

Hardware/Firmware Files for v1.0

The board design is not single sided, but it's close: you will need to solder in the 5 wires that would go on the top. I have successfully toner-transfer etched this design.

v1.04 is a possible hotfix for some flakiness, you can try either one.

USBtiny500 compatibility bridge for AVR Studio

Download the latest installer
And source code

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