Now that the mouse and keyboard are working, we can close up the game pad. This is actually the toughest part of the project, as the enclosure has plastic standoffs that are in the way.
One thing that will help is 'deribboning' the ribbon cable, so that it is easy to push around the wires.
Use sticky foam tape or hot glue to place the Teensy right at the top.
Likewise, align the acellerometer so that it is as shown (otherwise you may have some flipped axes. You should put it near the middle but we didn't see any difference being in this location.
Finally, twist the USB cable so that it goes through the strain relief posts. If this makes it really tough to close you can probably skip it and just be careful not to yank!

As you close the case, use tweezers to poke the wires around inside so that they do not interfere with the standoffs.

We wanted to make sure we could update the code without going through the disassembly process, so we drilled a hole in the back right over where the button is, then used a paper clip to push the tiny button. You can also just solder two wires to GND and RST and bring these out of the case, when shorted it will start the bootloader.

You're done! Enjoy your new toy, and modify the sketch if you need to change the key commands or mouse movements.

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