• Testing software and AT90 Firmware @ github. The backpack uses the Teensy v1.0 framework, we don't have tutorials or support for modifying the firmware but it is available for your hacking pleasure should you want to customize the backpack firmware! We also broke out the unused At90USB162 pins into an extra header - see the schematic for the unused/used pins.
    You can launch the bootloader (AT90USB162 chip) by touching reset pin to ground. It is an av109-compatible bootloader over USB, avrdude supports it but we don't have arduino IDE support at this time (and no ETA)
  • EagleCAD PCB Files on GitHub
  • LCD Smartie - a popular character LCD driving program
  • Fritzing object in the Adafruit Fritzing Library


Here's INF driver for windows XP/7/Vista. Unzip and navigate to the folder in the New Hardware Wizard.
Click here:
We also have Windows 8 signed drivers - they're beta so please try!

Schematic & Fabrication Print

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