The wiring for this project is actually really easy - we used an Arduino micro to keep the size small. We just have to power the keyboard and connect the two data pins.

Watch out here, because the DIN wire colors do not correspond to classical wire coloring!
  1. Brown - VCC +5
  2. Black - data to KBD
  3. Green - data from KBD
  4. Yellow - power SW (unused)
  5. Red - Ground

Solder the Brown wire to the +5V on the micro, the Red wire goes to the Ground pin. Then connect The green and black wires to two digital pins (I used 2 and 3)
Using this mint tin made for a nice case. A little dremel work, and the DIN connector would fit nicely at one end, the wiring inside, and the microUSB connector on the other end.
Use two small screws to attach the DIN connector. After the header pins have been cut off the Micro, it will fit nicely in the tin, be sure to use some thick foam tape to both hold down the board and keep the pins from shorting. A slot in the tin makes it easy to plug in a micro USB cable

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