USB flash drives are everywhere, and come in all shapes and sizes. But for something we carry with us every day, why can't it be more like a personal fashion accessory? This guide will show you how to make a USB locket for carrying your files around your neck!

You will need:
We looked for the smallest USB drive we could find: Super Talent Pico (and in gold for good measure).
The dimensions of the drive are published on the product page, which made shopping for lockets a bit easier before the drive arrived. When it did, we confirmed its max dimensions with calipers.
We shopped for lockets on Etsy, but the dimensions given were usually pretty spotty or not specific enough, so we bought three different inexpensive lockets to increase our chances that the USB drive would fit. This one ended up being perfect.
You can assemble your necklace in many different ways. We attached a clasp to one end of a chain, then threaded the bare end through the locket and attached it to the USB drive with a jump ring.

To open a jump ring, grasp it with two pairs of pliers, one on each side of the crack, and torque/twist it open. To close, grasp each wire end with pliers and twist it back shut.
This USB drive also came with a small cord and gold lanyard with a clasp, which can also be used for this project! When we assembled it this way, sometimes the locket had a hard time closing around the squishy cord.
You're done! Use the USB drive as normal, for school presentations, photos, medical records, favorite movies, etc. Now that it's a new piece of jewelry, you'll never forget it again, and it won't get lost!

This guide was first published on Sep 04, 2013. It was last updated on Sep 04, 2013.