Put it all together!  

First, place the neopixel ring down.  There's a star on the back of the ring -- that marks the first LED to light, so put this at the top.

Slip the microphone through into the "bell" part of the shell so it's facing up toward your face when you have the necklace on.

Coil the battery wire around and set it on top of the neopixel ring.

Pop the Flora into place on top of it all and thread your elastic or necklace cord through the ring at the top of the shell.  It will all stay in place nicely (you don't need to glue anything) and you can carefully pop the battery cable out for charging.

Turn your necklace on and off with Flora's onboard on/off switch. 

When you need to recharge, open the necklace back up. Disconnect the battery and charge using a Micro Lipo Charger.

You may notice that your calibration / sensitivity changes when the mic is inside the seashell.  Adjust it with the screw or in the code until you feel the magic.

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