You can laser cut your own enclosure — or make modifications with the following vector files — from 1/8" (3mm) acrylic in any colors you wish!

This ZIP file contains three .SVG files for the 8x8 UNTZtrument:

“untztrument-8x8-clear.svg” and “untztrument-8x8-black.svg” are the main two files we use when producing an 8x8 UNTZtrument in clear and black acrylic, respectively…of course you can use whatever colors you choose (fluorescent acrylic is pretty rad). A third file, “untztrument-8x8-opt-cutouts,” is an optional piece that can be used for adding pots or encoders to the bottom edge, typically using the same material chosen for the “clear” file.

This ZIP file contains three .SVG files for the 16x8 HELLA UNTZtrument:

These files are what we use when producing a 16x8 HELLA UNTZtrument…

  • “untztrument-16x8-black.svg” for the black top layer (or use whatever color you like).
  • “untztrument-16x8-clear-1.svg” is the first of two “clear” files…this one has the two large flat pieces comprising the upper and lower sandwich layers.
  • “untztrument-16x8-clear-2.svg” is the second of two “clear” files…this is all the side pieces and internal cross supports, including an optional piece with pot/encoder cutouts (not a separate file like the 8x8 version).

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