Another way to put NFC tags on your hand is to laminate one into your nail polish! We pulled this small tag out of one of the leather fobs in the store, and trimmed the plastic close to the antenna until the layers peeled apart, then removed any stick residue with rubbing alcohol.
Curve the antenna coil over a round object like a ring mandrel. The tag should fit snugly to the curve of your nail without springing up away from it.
Apply bonding agent and gel base coat layer to your nail.
Stick the tag to the base coat, using a piece of clear packing tape to keep it in position if necessary. Cure the base coat layer in your UV lamp for ~2 minutes, then remove the tape. The tag should be pretty stuck to your nail by now!
Apply and cure several coats of gel top coat over the nail and tag, making sure to seal in the edges of the antenna coil.

We used three coats, but you may prefer even more! After the final coat, use rubbing alcohol to wipe away the sticky residue and you've got a fancy new RFID manicure!

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