Stick the Circuit Playground to the front of the battery case (the side with the on/off switch) using sticky back velcro. This way it's easy to remove and use again later on in a different project.

We'll use a ziploc bag to make a clear pocket for the Circuit Playground and battery case. I didn't have one of the right size, so I cut one down and glued the left side closed with hot glue. Leave the top open. You want it to fit fairly snugly so it doesn't wiggle around too much.

Use a couple safety pins to pin your ziploc pocket to the front of the stocking. Make sure not to pin all the way through both sides of the stocking or you won't be able to fit the presents inside.


I want the Circuit Playground Express to land right behind the unicorn's eye. It's a good idea to cut your shapes out of paper first to make sure you've got your sizes right and that you're happy with placement. Here is the basic shape of the unicorn's head, with a large eye centered right on the middle of the stocking.

Cut the head shape from white craft foam and the horn shape from sparkly craft foam in the color of your choice. Cut a small pupil and some fluttery eyelashes from black craft foam.

Feel free to download and trace my head shape -- the grid in the photo is 1" squares, for size reference. Or draw your own unicorn shape! Your inner unicorn is beautiful and perfect.

It may also be fun to use your child's drawing as a template - she'll be delighted to see her very own imaginary unicorn come to life.

Use low temperature hot glue to glue the head shape to the ziploc bag pocket, lining up the lights right where you want the eye to be. Glue the horn and eye pieces on in the same manner. I also glued the tip of the horn down to the stocking itself.

For the mane, I am using tubular crin ribbon since it's just so very very sparkly. You can find this at most craft stores. Yarn or ribbons or doll hair would work well here too. I added a zip tie around the strands and looped that over the unicorn's ear, adding judicious dabs of hot glue to hold it in place. If the mane is getting in the unicorn's eyes, you can braid in some ribbons to keep it managed.


Add jewels, glitter glue, or other embellishments to make your unicorn unique and special. Draw on a smile, hang your stocking by the fireplace and fill to overflowing with fun gifts for your young maker.

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