Build a chest-mounted cosplay project with a 3D printed UniBeam! In this project, we'll show you how to use 3D printing and electronics to build the infamous repulsion weapon from ironman. This project was built in collaboration with James Bruton from XRobots.

This 3d printed build was made to go inside of James’ Hulkbuster project. The Hulkbuster is a massive Iron Man-inspired suit James is building with 3D printed parts and various other materials. Watch James' video and checkout his YouTube channel for more details on his Hulkbuster project.

To make the Unibeam circuit we’re using two NeoPixel rings, a couple of single NeoPixel LEDs, and GEMMA, which is an easy to use, byte-sized microcontroller.

Prerequisite Guides

We recommend walking through the follow tutorials below before starting this project. These guides will help you get familiar with the components and get setup and configured with the Arduino IDE and libraries.


We have all the lovely components and tools to build this project. Be sure to check out the featured products on the right sidebar.

Tools & Supplies

You'll need a couple of hand tools and accessories to assist you in the build. 

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