These gadgets allow you to wield your SDs with real power and will help you overcome barriers along the way.

Sometimes you may not be able to access your SD or microSD in the way you would like. For these cases, there are several options to access your precious data.


SD and micro SD sockets can often be hard to reach. These extenders allow you to reach the sockets and plug them into wherever you'd like.

SD Card Extender - 68cm (26 inch) long cable
Stop fiddling with SD card sockets in the back of your latest gadget, and streeeeeeeeeetch out with an SD Card Extender . This simple, but effective device gives...
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Micro SD Card Extender - 68cm (26 inch) long flex cable
Stop fiddling with SD card sockets in the back of your latest gadget, and streeeeeeeeeetch out with a Micro SD Card Extender . This simple, but effective device...
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The micro SD card "wallet"

This handy cardholder gives a place for all your microSD cards to live (or sleep?)

DiMeCard 8 microSD Card Holder
Mary Poppins had her TARDIS-like carpet bag. 90s kids had their Pokémon card binders. But we have the next best thing: DiMeCard, a super-slim 8-piece...
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SD card hubs

These are great when trying to read SDs into a computer. Many computers have been slimmed down to not include an SD card reader so these hubs let you read with ease. A simple "SD card hub" search on the web should get you some top-notch products. 


microSD to SD adapter

When you need to read a microSD card but your computer or hub only allows SD cards, you can grab one of these handy adapters.

Hand removing/installing micro SD card from SD adapter
Add mega-storage in a jiffy using this 8 GB class 4 micro-SD card. It comes with a SD adapter so you can use it with any of our shields or adapters. Preformatted to FAT so it works out...
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MicroSD USB adapter

This handy adapter lets you go through USB to your computer, skipping the SD adapter altogether. Handy!

USB MicroSD Card Reader/Writer
This is the cutest little microSD card reader/writer - but don't be fooled by its adorableness! It's wicked fast and supports up to 64 GB SDXC cards! Simply slide the card into...
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Formatting an SD card

Most operating systems like SD cards to be formatted in exFAT. Sometimes you may need to reformat your SD cards. To do this you can use this handy software provided by the SD association.

Back up any data stored on an SD or microSD card prior to reformatting it so your data is safe.

Some other OSes and devices require other SD formats, so make sure to read up on the formatting requirements.

That's it! You are an SD expert at this point. There's always more to learn but at least now you can go out there and purchase with confidence. Bon voyage!

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