Add JST to Trinket

First step is to get a JST connector onto the Trinket so we can easily remove any JST compatible power source.

We'll grab the JST battery exnsion cable and measure the length like in the photo. Cut and strip the wires from the JST cable.

Tin the postive and negative pads on the bottom of the Trinket and solder the red wire from the JST cable to the postive pad, and the black wire to the negative pad.

Trinket JST Connector

Adding a JST female connector to the Trinket micro-controller makes it easy to swap out capatible power sources. Most of our battery holders, rechargable lithium polymer and lithium ion batteries use JST connectors.

Soldering a battery directly to the Trinket is not recommended.

Assemble Quad Alphanumeric Display

The quad alphanumeric display comes in a kit that requires assembly. Add the LED matrixes to the driver with the dots lined up for proper orientation. Bend the terminals on the far end aparts so it keeps the LED matrix in place while you solder. Secure the LED backpack to a panavise and solder the 18 pins. Use a diagonal cutters to remove the excess leads.

Assembled 14-Segment Quad Alphanumeric Display

Double check all of the pins have been soldered. 

Solder Wires to LED Matrix

Tin the five pins on the top of the LED Matrix. Solder one 30AWG wire to each pin. Use either a long strand of wire (about 20meters long) or the whole wire spool. 

LED Matrix Connections

Try using a different color for each wire so that you can easily tell them apart.

Measure LED Matrix Connections

Position the LED matrix over the parts and measure the length required to make a connection. Cut the wires and add a piece of heat shrink tubing to bundle the wires. Insert the bundle wire through the opening in the dhp-led.stl part.

Wire EZ Rangefinder

Solder a 30AWG wire to the GND, 5V and PWM pin on the EZ distance rangefinder. If you solder to the leads of the header, be sure to add a piece of heat shrink tubing to secure the connection.

Position the sensor over the parts and measure the length of wire required for connecting to the Trinket. 

Gently insert the distance sensor into the dhp-barrel.stl part with the black plastic part going in first.

Slide Switch Adapter

Shorten a JST extension cable to about 10mm long by cutting the positive and negative cables with wire cutters. Use wire stripers to strip the ends of the positive and negative wires. Apply a bit of rosin to the stripped ends and tin the tips of the wires. Add a piece of shrink tubing to the positive wire and solder them together by holding them in place with a third-helping-hand.

Wired Components 

Yay! All of the components are wired and ready for installing to the enclosure.  The trinket and LED matrix will be secured to the printed parts with machine screws. The next page will walk you through the build process.

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