Set up Neopixel ring

To set up the LEDs we’ll measure, cut, tin and solder silicone wires to the power, ground and data on the neopixel ring.

Mounting the Trinket

Postion the Trinket so the USB port faces towards the outside of the ring.

Next we can use 2.5mm screws to mount the trinket to the 3d printed clip. You can tap holes for screws first to make mouting easier. 

Attaching NeoPixel Ring 

The NeoPixel Ring snaps onto the 3d part with the LEDs facing outward. Carefully fit the wires through the slits on the ring mount and snap the ring onto the part. You can use tweezers to fit the wires through the slits.

Solder Ring to Trinket 

You may need to rotate the ring so that each pin is close to the pins on the Trinket. 

Tin pins #0, ground and USB on the Trinket and then solder each connection from the ring. Use tweezers to hold wires while soldering. 

Attach the clip

To install, we simply press the clips on both ends to the landing gear. The tolerances are nice and tight, but you can still have the option to adjust the position by sliding it.

There’s just enough clearance for the camera but we made sure to position it away from the proximity sensors.



We can power the whole circuit using the micro USB port on the side of the Phantom 4.

The NeoPixels light up immediately after turning the Phantom 4 on and actually doesn’t affect the flight time so it doesn’t draw that much power.


The whole assembly is nicely contained and easy to carry around and we noticed the same amount of flight time, about 18 minutes.

The ring will get in the way of the camera view when you look down, but it’s out of the way otherwise!


Lighting effects

To get the cool light beam effects it's best to fly when it's foggy. We used a fog machine machine when shooting the video, but if you shooting on location you could use atmosphere aerosol to create light rays. 

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