Download and 3D Print

The 3D printed parts can be downloaded from the links below. 

You can also edit the designs if you have a different drone model or if you just need parts references for the NeoPixel Ring or Trinket mouting holes.

Materials & Slice Settings

This project with any material like PLA, ABS or Nylon. Reference the slice settings in the table below – We're using Simplify3D to slice the parts.


PLA 225c extruder
0.6mm Nozzle
20% infill
No Supports

50mm/s print speed
120mm/s travel speed

.72mm Extrusion width

The clip take about 30 minutes to print when using a .6mm nozzle

We use a .6mm to speed up print times, but a standard .4mm nozzle should work.

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