One of the major things I do with Adafruit is write guides, including guides that outline projects or libraries. I want to highlight a few of my favorite guides I've written.

CircuitPython LED Animations

This is easily one of my most favorite guides. I provided guidance on the API, design, and user experience in the Adafruit CircuitPython LED Animation library, while Rose Hooper wrote a majority of the code. The library has become incredibly widely used, and means a lot to many people's experience with LEDs and CircuitPython.

While writing this guide, I built an LED wall, GIFs of which are included in the guide. The wall was behind where I worked, so it was in the background of every video meeting for the duration.

Piano in the Key of Lime

This is the first guide I ever wrote! It'll always have a place in my heart. When I first began with programming and electronics, the first microcontroller I picked up was the Circuit Playground Express. CircuitPython and the CPX were both quite new, and therefore had very little documentation. Once I put together my first project, I immediately wanted to share it so there might be something for other folks also getting started. This is the guide that came of that.

This page (Favorite Guides) was last updated on Jul 06, 2022.

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