You can even make a custom bootscreen. Handy for looking 'leet and also for helping you identify your radio.

Make a Bitmap

Start by making a 160 x 40 bitmap image of what you want displayed on the screen. I'm going classy monochrome but you can have multiple colors as well.

Save Bitmap

Save the bitmap to the md380tools\patches\2.032 directory and name it 0x80f9ca8-bitmapname.bmp where bitmapname is whatever you like.

Open bitmap in GIMP

Yeah we have to generate a ppm file and GIMP can do it, but GIMP is not happy about making bitmaps so its actually easier I think, to make the bitmap in mspaint and then open in GIMP. Then export as... and save as 0x80f9ca8-bitmapname.ppm

Add checksum

You're not done quite yet! Edit the ppm file with your favorite text editor and add

# MD380 address: 0x80f9ca8
# MD380 checksum: -941681526

after the first line (which will say P6). Basically it should look like this:

Edit Makefile

Edit the Makefile in md380tools\patches\2.032 and find the Apply the logo section, add a new line

../../md380-gfx --firmware=patched.img --gfx=0x80f9ca8-bitmapname.ppm write

and comment out the other lines

Whew that's it! Run make clean dist to upload your nice new firmware! You'll see your bitmap is detected and 'printed out' so you know it was chosen

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