Attach Copper Tape

The piece of copper tape will be wrapped around the edge of the 3D printed handle.

Remove the protective backing from the piece of copper tape by carefully peeling it off.

Wrapping Copper Tape

Place the piece of copper tape over the edge of the 3D printed handle.

Slowly wrap the tape around the handle so it overlaps the wire and solder joint. 

Assemble Handle

Use an M3x6mm screw to secure the 3D printed handle to the arrow attachment.

Use the circular servo horn (included with the analog feedback servo) and secure it to the 3D printed arrow attachment using the included hardware screws.

Attaching Servo

The analog feedback servo is secured to the 3D printed plate using two (or four) M4 x 6mm long screws.

Secure Servo

Orient the analog feedback servo with the 3D printed plate so the center hole is lined up with the shaft of the servo.

Place the analog feedback servo over the 3D printed plate with the mounting tabs aligned to the built-in standoffs.

Insert and fasten the M4 screws to secure the servo to the 3D printed plate.

Adhere Label

Using scissors, carefully cut out the sticker label and remove the protective backing.

Begin attaching the label to the front of the 3D printed plate making sure the edges line up properly.

Attach Bezel, Frame and Handle

The 3D printed frame snap fits over the 3D printed plate with the tabs lined up to the bumps.

The 3D printed bezel snap fits over the 3D printed frame with the notches lined up.

The handle assembly is fitted over the shaft of the analog feedback servo.

Secure the servo horn to the shaft using the included hardware screw.

The servo horn will need to be refitted onto the shaft a few times in order to properly calibrate the position of the handle.

Secure QT Py to Holder

The QT Py is snap fitted onto the 3D printed holder. Use flush snips to remove any bits of wire underneath the pins on the QT Py.

Insert the QT Py PCB at an angle under two of the clips near the back and then slightly bend the holder to snap fit the front clips over the PCB.

Secure Base Plate and Holder

Use 2x M3x8mm screws and hex nuts to secure the 3D printed base plate to the 3D printed frame.

Place the QT Py holder over the base plate and use two M3x8mm screws and hex nuts to secure them together.

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