Twitter Auth Keys

Before we can use the Twitter API we need to register for a developer account. 

Go to You should see a page something very like:

Click apply:

Then Apply for a developer account:

Select Exploring the API and click Next.

Fill out the form that gets presented, and clock Next. Verify the information, and click Next. Agree to the terms, and click Submit Application.  You'll get an verification email at the address you entered. Repspond accordingly and you'll be able to create your app.

Creating an app

To get keys for use you will need to create an app. You will get keys for that app, in this case a Halloween countdown app.

Clicking Create an app will present you with a form. Fill it out as you wish, it doesn't seem to be very picky in general. Once you work though that, your apps page will list your new app:

Click on the Details button next to your app. This gives all the info on your app.

What you're looking for are the app keys. Find them on the "Keys and tokens" tab:

Copy the API key and API secret key into your file as twitter_api_key and twitter_secret_key, respectively.

That's it.

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