The PyPortal has taken care of a lot of the circuitry for this project for us. For audio, we're going to plug-in a speaker to the JST speaker connection on the PyPortal. For power, we can use a PowerBoost board to allow for a rechargeable lipo battery. The PowerBoost board also allows for an on/off switch to be included in the circuit.

Following the wiring diagram, we connect the switch terminals to EN and GND on the PowerBoost. Then take a 3-wire JST cable and connect the red wire to 5V and the black wire to GND. You can snip off the third wire on the JST cable since it won't need to connect to anything.

This particular JST connector type can plug right into the D4 plug on the PyPortal allowing for simple and removable wiring.

Of course if you don't want this project to utilize a lipo battery, you can also use the USB port for power with a power supply or USB battery bank.

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