Now we can move on to the software side of things. First, let's prepare our pictures. The two photos needed for this project are available for download from GitHub at the link below along with the audio file. For future projects though, you'll want to keep in mind that for photos to be properly displayed on the PyPortal, they need to be converted to 320 x 240 pixel RGB 16-bit bitmap files. You can do this with a few different free pieces of software, including MS Paint on Windows.

To have the pictures be in the correct orientation, you also need to rotate them 90 degrees, as shown in the screen grab below. This way they'll be in a vertical orientation for the PyPortal and you won't need to rotate the images in the code.

For audio, you'll need the file to be in a .wav format. See this guide on how to prepare audio files into the 16-bit, 22,050 Hz, mono wav format easily used on microcontrollers.

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