The 3W RGB LED uses a 4-wire ribbon cable and a 4-pin JST connector. Wire up the 3W LED using the following cable lengths.

4-pin JST plug cable: 20in (51cm)

4-pin JST socket cable: 4.5in (11.5cm)



The stock cable on the mini over speaker will need to extended in order to reach the PropMaker FeatherWing. Use the following wire length.

2-pin Molex plug cable: 8in (21cm)

Battery Extension Cable

The stock battery cable will need an extension cable in order to reach the Feather M4. Use the following wire length to create a custom 2-pin JST cable.

2-pin JST extension: 6in (5cm)

Slide Switch

Use a 2-wire ribbon cable and 2-pin molex plug cable to connect the slide switch to the PropMaker FeatherWing.

2-pin Molex Socket & Plug cables: 3.5in (9cm)

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