Very easy!

  1. Simply point the device as best you can so that the Infrared LEDs are aimed at the television you'd like to turn off.
  2. Press the button once. Don't hold the button down! It will just keep resetting itself. The codes start to transmit once you release the button.
  3. The indicator LED will blink for every code it sends. Keep the TV-B-Gone pointed at your target until it turns off. The 4 infrared LEDs will not blink visibly because human eyes can't see infrared light.
  4. When the TV-B-Gone is finished, the indicator light will blink quickly a few times and then stop.

If you press and release the button while it's sending out codes, it will reset and start over from the beginning.

The most popular codes are at the beginning, less common codes are at the end of the list.

Video of recommended usage

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