Learn to create your own graphics programs with Turtle Graphics on the Circuit Playground Bluefruit!

The legendary Turtle graphics of the Logo programming language has made their way to CircuitPython! Now, you can learn to program your own graphics right on the TFT Gizmo screen attached to a Circuit Playground Bluefruit board!

In this guide, we'll look at some general Turtle commands, then we'll set up the Circuit Playground Bluefruit and TFT Gizmo to use Turtle in CircuitPython, and then we'll run some example programs to draw sweet graphics on the display!

Besides the CPB with TFT Gizmo, the adafruit_turtle library will run on most of the M4 based boards, such as the Hallowing M4, but will require some fine tuning of the pin assignments and other details.

You may have heard of, or even played around with, turtle graphics. Simply put, this is a metaphor for drawing vector images where you control a turtle that can drag a pen along with it. Commands to the turtle include things like move forward some distance, turn left or right by some angle, lift the pen off the paper (so that moving won't make a mark), or put it on the paper (so that moving will make a mark).

There have been many on-screen implementations of turtle graphics, most notably the LOGO programming language. Versions have also been made that control a robot that has a pen so as to create on-paper copies of turtle drawings.


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