The module comes without any connector so you'll need to solder wires into the connection pads. The good news is the pads are not too close togehter (about 2mm) and you can use any stranded or solid-core wire.

If you aren't planning to use the video output abilities, you can use 4 wires. We will use red for the +5V pin, black for the Ground pin, white for the RX pin (data into the module) and green for the TX pin (data from the module)

If you'd like to get NTSC video out to connect to a TV or monitor, solder another black wire to the second Ground pin, and a yellow wire to the CVBS pin.
If you have the weatherproof version of this camera, it comes prewired with the following:
  • Red is connected to +5V in
  • Black is connected to Ground
  • Green is RX
  • White is TX
  • Yellow is NTSC Video signal out
  • Brown is NTSC Video ground

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