The quickest way to test out the modules is to use the NTSC video out connection. That way, when you adjust the view & focus you can immediately see the results. Paired with the next section (using the Comm Tool), its the ideal method of introducing yourself to the module.

Most TV's and monitors require an RCA jack or plug input. We just soldered a spare RCA jack to the camera, with black being the case ground and yellow signal. You can get RCA cables and accessories in any hobby/electronics shop like Radio Shack.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the camera from NTSC to PAL - its hardcoded by a pin soldered to the board and there's no easy way to extract it and change it (we tried!)

Plug in the NTSC cable to your monitor, and connect the red and black power wires to +5V supply - you should get monochrome video output on the monitor immediately!

We have some NTSC television modules in the Adafruit shop you can use to test with

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