Can I change the baud rate on this Camera?
You might notice there seems to be a command for changing the baud rate. By default the baudrate is 38400 baud.

Despite the software letting you change the baud rate this is a very flaky setting and even if it works, when you power up the camera again it will reset. Some experimenters have accidentally disabled their cameras by trying to change the baud rate. We do not suggest you mess with the baud rate settings. If you do, you may permanently disable your camera and we will not replace it!
How fast can I get pictures from the camera?
This is a pretty slow UART camera, it can take up to 30 seconds to transfer an image! It is meant for snapshots or time-lapse type photography, not for any kind of real-time analysis
Why is the color washed out? It looks like a monochrome image.
Because it was designed for surveillance, the sensitivity of the camera extends into the infrared range. This means that objects that reflect or emit infrared rays will appear lighter than the do to the human eye. In some cases the image will appear washed out and almost monochromatic.

A more natural rendering can be achieved using an IR blocking filter such as a B+W 486. (Thanks to forum member azhilyakov for the comparison photos!)

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