Are you looking for a last minute Halloween costume that looks like it took forever? Try building a TRON hoodie with EL wire! With just a bit of stitching (and no soldering!) you can make a lovely accented hoodie that will look cool, keep you warm and also make you more visible while trick-or-treating!

You will need:
Gather up your supplies on a clean, flat work surface.
Put the inverter pack in your hoodie’s pocket and poke a small hole on the inside for a wire to come through.
Plug in the EL wire and stitch it to the hoodie along the inside of the zipper with a whip stitch. This way you can adjust how much shows by adjusting your zipper.
Continue whip stitching the EL wire around the inside of the hood and back down the other side of the zipper. If you have extra EL wire at the end, just cut it off.
Enjoy your new hoodie! It's glowy enough for Halloween or Burning Man but subtle enough for everyday. Show us yours in the forums or on our weekly show and tell on Google+!
To make your hoodie extra fancy, use our flowing effect EL wire or swap out your inverter for a sound-activated one so your hoodie thumps to the music.

This guide was first published on Oct 23, 2013. It was last updated on Oct 23, 2013.