Now that you have your pattern, its time to start working with the EL wire. If you've used EL before, it might be easier for you to cut EL pieces to match the traced out pattern.
We're EL wire experts, but if you're still not really good with EL or if you're just starting out, don't cut any pieces yet! Instead, solder up one EL wire at a time and then lay it out and cut the ends. This is because it can take a few tries to solder to EL and every time you make a mistake you'll have to cut another 1 cm off and start over!
Once you've soldered your connector on, attach it to the inverter and test it, make sure the EL is glowing.

Now disconnect the wire from the inverter - never cut EL wire while its lit!

And don't cut it yet, we'll do that in a later step!

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