Now we'll start sewing the EL onto the bag. We suggest using 'invisible' thread - also known as nylon thread, its strong and clear so that it wont distract from your EL.

Place the inverter connected to the EL in the pocket you think is best, this will let you best judge how much wire you need - be sure to try opening and closing the bag so you don't make any mistakes. Its easy to cut EL wire down but impossible to make it longer so measure twice and cut once!

Lay the EL wire so it traces the chalk outline (or piping) - in this photo the EL is lit but we don't necessarily suggest that you sew it lit unless it helps you visualize the design. Use masking tape to keep the EL wire in place.

Start at the "inverter" end.
Use the needle and thread to wrap around the EL wire and tack it down, a stitch every cm is fine for long runs. We suggest grabbing plenty of material to provide a strong grip.

Once you have traced the pattern, then you should cut the ends with wirecutters! (again don't cut while its on)

You can cap the EL wire for protection with a piece of small heatshrink, while its still warm, squeeze it with pliers to seal it.

Continue with all the pieces, taping them down and sewing them, making sure that all the connector ends wind up in the same pocket. You can see here how it all goes to the top left corner.

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