Almost done! Once the EL wire is all sewn on make sure to test each strand again to make sure they are still strong and connected. Double check all the heatshrink as well.

You can pass the wires around the bag or, if it is easier, and you're OK with permanent modification, punch a hole and pass the wires through it. This can be a little neater and less obviously modded.

Finally we will connect the strands to the inverter. There are inverters that will 'animate' the strands but we like the 'solid on' look which also matches the TRON movie best. The only problem is we have 4 wires and we want to run them off of one inverter. We'll solve this problem by making a splitter, taking the one output of the inverter and allowing it to drive two EL wires. You can do this for as many strands as you'd like, just add up all the EL lengths.
Solder and heat-shrink the wires. We also carry a pre-soldered four-way splitter for your convenience.
Use the splitter on the inverter (we used two inverters with two splitters here).
Store the inverters in one of the front pockets.
You're done! Enjoy your TRON bag.

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