Insert Components to Case

Start with the 7seg-case-top.stl part with the outside facing up. Insert the 7-segment LED display and Trinket through the circular hole. 

Arcade Button & 7-segment LED Display

The last component to go through the circular hole will be the arcade button. Orient the button so the emjoi is upright in the desired position. Then, press the arcade button through the hole until it snaps into place, fully flush with the case. 

Position the 7-segment LED display over the rectangular cutout and press it through so it's seated into the enclosure. 

Add Screws

Grab the 7seg-case-btm.stl part and fasten four #2-56 sized 3/8 long flat phillips machine screws into the four holes on the bottom. Fasten the all the way until the heads are  flush with the surface of the case. Our Trinket will be seated on these four screws.

Install Trinket

Grab the Trinket and orient it so the microUSB port is facing the edge of the case. Insert the Trinket at an angle and position it over the screws so the mounting holes can go over them. Press it down into place and seat the Trinket into the screws.

Case Closed

OK, now we can join the two halves of the case together. The microUSB port should be orientated with the LED display. Press the two halves together to snap them shut. There are screw holes on the bottom of the 7seg-case-btm.stl part on each corner where you can insert a #4-40 3/8 flat phillips machine screw, but I actually didnt need them since the tolerances are already pretty tight and hold the case together nicely. If you want to add them, it's entirely up to you!

Finished Assembly

Congradulations! Your physical like button is ready for use. It's basically a cool looking digital tally counter. If you made one, please consider taking a photo of your creation and positing a "make" on our Thingiverse page.

Questions, Issues, Concerns?

If you need any assistance with your build, please don't hesistate to post them up on the Adafruit Forums. We have on staff a dedicated support team to help you trouble shoot your project builds!

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