The Adafruit Trinket

OK, now it's time to get our Trinket ready for wiring. I recommend securing it to a pair of third helping hands, or a panavise jr like I have here. Go ahead and tin the following pins on the Trinket.

  • #0
  • #1
  • #2
  • 3V/5V
  • GND

Trinket Connections

Let's get to wiring our connections to the Trinket. It's pretty straight forward, the only thing I found tricky here are the connections that need to share power and ground.

Our negative connection from the LED sequin goes to the ground/GND pin on the Trinket. But, the negative connection from the 7-segment LED sequin also needs to go into ground/GND on the Trinket.

Our positive connection from the LED sequin and arcade button needs to go to the 3V/5V power pin on the Trinket. The positive connection from the 7-segment LED display also needs to go to 3V/5V power pin on the Trinket. 

It's a bit crammed here, so be cautious about accidentally bridging any connections or cold solder joints.

Wired Connections

Connect the hardware as follows:

  • Trinket 3V/5V power to 7-segment power (+) and one side of the button.
  • Trinket 3V/5V power to positive (+) of LED Sequin
  • Trinket #0 to 7-segment SDA (D).
  • Trinket #1 to opposite side of button.
  • Trinket #2 to 7-segment SCL (C).
  • Trinket GND/ground to 7-segment ground (-).
  • Trinket GND/ground to negative (-) of LED Sequin.

Check Circuit

If everything went well with wiring, we should test our circuit before mouting things to the enclosure. The code should have been uploaded to Trinket before we did any wiring, but if you haven't yet - That's ok, better late than never :-)

Connect a micro USB cable to the Trinket and plug it into the USB port on your computer. Wait for the boot loader to clear and the 7-segment LED display should display "----" or "0" number count. The LED sequin will power on instantly. Try pressing the arcade button, the number on the LED display should increment each time you press it.

If everything works as except, let's move onto the mounting the components to the 3D pritned enclosure.

This guide was first published on Mar 13, 2016. It was last updated on Jun 23, 2024.

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